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Current Video:Record-signing Ozil arrives at Arsenal|

Mesut Ozil has been officially presented as an Arsenal player following his $66.8 million move from Real Madrid.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- The man hostile fans hope can help and that trophy drought has finally arrived in London. Records signing as it does so enjoyed his first training session and his new -- pulling his forty T point five million how many from ran Madrid. And despite some backlash dozens departure with players and supporters in the Spanish camp until it seems that the German international could. And be happier. As it's closer to shot. This it's just finished his son and I feel very detail and it's great to be brought to this team in the sixties very nice you can see how welcoming this club is still -- -- -- I arrived here everything was -- but -- greats in this team and everybody is very welcoming. -- -- -- -- give up -- punts for the truth to your links with them until excluding -- from several of the coaches grace I'm sure will improve on to him. I want to continue developing hit it this fight and his wife come here I'm proud to be part of this team this year but I think -- -- This team munitions. And Stokes a puzzlement. So it's more than eight years since -- -- it listed at tri city and approaching a decade since they -- on the present unique. But does venue multimillion pound man that he they can challenge for England's biggest domestic crown. -- in front of them. Skinner to munch off then of course definitely under the teams and I -- talent we have hit I think every player wants to be successful. And also one of the biggest clubs in the -- we definitely want to achieve something with this team meetings enormous price who tell myself to feel ha ha by and did not -- not. That's what we were called for of course it will be very difficult because the league is the strongest in the world's. It's very balanced and we will give everything to achieve success. On -- on a scheme to me to focus. Supporters and got a chance to see -- signing in top flight action with a 24 -- expected to make his debut went Sunderland on Saturday.

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