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Real Madrid, Juventus, Galatasaray and Copenhagen make up a competitive Group B in the UEFA Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the non -- Madrid will be relying on some points that bring me a UEFA champions league. Over threatening not that 100 million Euro investments in -- will pay dividends as they looks aren't a record tenth consonants and crown. Under Jose Mourinho. Right now what knocked out in the semifinals -- -- in a position for a second successive season -- courage tolerance policy will be hoping to back set. As they looked and -- while you wait for European glory. And without joining 2000 today it's bound to win a -- ought to written out -- and Spaniard is scary about the open at -- Rleal will surely be among the favorites once again. That biggest rivals in the group will undoubtedly be Italian champion Juventus. Quarter finalists last season. Head coach -- you can't say was able to strengthen his squad in the clay season. With the likes of Carlos to -- and -- -- the -- say Argentina status could well be the key mound the very. Champions league winning in 2008. We've Manchester United's. QB hadn't been spot like let's wait that triumph possibly won the competition in 1980 -- and on T not six. You they also placed the blossoming talent submit their power house -- pulpit. And city in sensational zero but now. But don't brought soft spots -- Terence Garnett has the right secretly. Such as champions also reached the quarterfinals last season getting ready Alice -- before losing point three on aggregates. They have the champions league and is among their ranks in Didier drove back and with the -- I'd bet. And an even out there and still millions Robertson of adults ski school more constructive -- -- in the competition last season. The presence of Denmark's Clinton Hagan. Means there are three national champions in the group however the loss of -- plan of the year and -- needs to Cardiff city is a below. OT very -- to replicate that one and only appearance in the knockout stages of the competition in 2000 and it -- Clinton pagan and got a pass right host events -- Andre -- Madrid respectively in the first round of matches. Most anticipated both will be nastase three and -- went right outplay you but in Madrid before the return like two weeks like that. We've European heavyweights and several star attractions statements against one of -- teams during all the way to the point in Lisbon in --

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