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Current Video:USA facing payback in Costa Rica?|

FOX Soccer Daily previews Friday's USA World Cup qualifier in Costa Rica.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here -- you came back pretty infamous no plastic so those three is making it as -- as possible for the US men's national team. Tonight training grounds and refusing arrogant Klinsmann match balls for practice. But there's a -- -- looking to extend their twelve match winning streak. I'll be here are projected lineup for this one what do you think. I like this lineup a lot -- like what he's learned in solitude to young guys -- their -- starting very solid defense remained Donovan that was the big question where was he gonna play. And I have to assume he's going to be underneath didn't see where he can do those piercing darting runs from deep. Well here's midfielder Michael Bradley ahead of Friday's -- Watching as you know when you come on the road when you play in these types of environments you have to know. If the north the game's gonna feel like you have to know how to deal with the conditions to deal with that is the crowd to do with the emotions. You know we that we have enough guys who have done that before and so -- We expect a good game we expect good atmosphere and we're we're looking towards what we just had to be ready. You know to do the conditions to do -- everything and I -- I think our team is ready to you know pursue that. Sports Illustrated senior Erin fox sports soccer insider grant while joins us from post three grant thanks for joining us here today and I didn't do it or. Now explain what's what's atmosphere like in those three -- towards the US men's national team right now. Well on the -- -- and they're still -- about this no classic your game in Denver in March where. Cursory look at -- that protest that gambit belt that should have been posed because the snow storm it was not. US ended up getting three points out -- and shook her streak of bad typical here. They didn't give game balls to the US to head that I'd like protocol usually dictates then he'd let you let players go through especially lining up and it's pretty small -- really ethical and -- you record are. Now -- Jozy Altidore sat out practice what's the latest on his hamstring injury. Yeah I guess I did it ten seconds to get here at the team hotel I blocked -- okay but he hadn't trained polian at the last. We didn't play percent -- last week and they're gonna see how he looks at training today. I've -- -- -- instead of the press conference fact I have a hard time thinking out that there will be able to started he would not trained fully for the past week. Now how was Landon Donovan looks so far. Well when -- -- didn't training here yesterday obviously playing very well in an outlet right now Clinton said that. Donovan transition back into the chemistry of the World Cup qualifying team they've gone very well keep in mind Donovan has not played with the World Cup qualifying team that you etched in June 2012. But he does figure to start cure the question is where will actually -- -- top Al -- can't go -- media writer let it Q.

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