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Arsenal fans' demand for a high-profile signing has seen Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil arrive in North London for a reported fee of $61.1 million.


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It's something also finds out their -- players have long been demanding. A high profile signing to help restore their faith in Austin thing -- methods as he seeks to avoid and ninth successive trophy this season. On days to months Johnson on the final day of the -- so we don't. Three to 22 point four million pounds acquisition. Of Japanese national beat field to mess it sitting. It's very exciting part play against him for him is when he -- -- -- -- such a full no nonsense qualities and sort of proud many years an awful. You know for his club and country. Three great addition you know impressive looking forward to. To plan within. As the -- from -- -- where he became an integral part to decide which one that -- yes I -- that though right illness under Jose immediately shoots him. Thoughts the arrival of -- failed seemingly made it 24 year old set list of requirements. With Boston quit selfless and every Thompson streets. In amazement of. I am happy that mess that has found such a great -- -- -- he will mature professionally and personally in London he's had three years in Spain now. And despite leave things he did well that. And held his own as a young player. It's a different country different mentality and a different way of playing its hostile as a club with history and a great coach so he knows how to handle young player is Norton income. -- soon be looking forward to -- to see -- at club level. But country commitments -- for us as Germany and it's place it's well cup qualification. In the coming week.

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