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Current Video:Fellaini seals late Manchester United switch|

Manchester United completed the signing of Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini for $42.8 million just before Monday's deadline.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It wasn't the biggest shock of the transfer window but it was one of the latest. Manchester United finally completed the signing of habits and -- failed him aren't from lady for 27 point five million pounds just before Monday's deadline. The move reunites the bout with his former manager David noise and -- the united -- make his first big name signing. -- -- his 23 point five million companies close -- I had earlier in the windows. Meaning the Premier League champions have been forced to pay four million mole for his services. Austin leaping ticket to -- -- for fifteen million pounds from stand at DH in 2008. To 25 year old school 53 goals in five years that have Hudson. It's great to be united so -- deciding to transfer window with other deals falling through. After missing out to inflate his ever since he make Leighton Baines voice also failed in its trust that it will bouts under Cabrera Cabrera Madrid left back from vehicle on trial. Meanwhile -- he joins up with Belgium ahead of Friday's World Cup qualifier against Scotland. And could make his Old Trafford -- out the following week against Crystal Palace.

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