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Roberto Martinez will not allow Manchester United to take Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a console he fronts. Nothing nobody waged war with -- -- going to deliver -- to see tomorrow inflating and Leighton Baines -- Martinez has also been pointing published going to cause. The -- and mostly it's the red did his -- -- the tenth despite not these divisional -- being described as insulting and two runs three. Martinez has already issued a call to arms -- the Charles with the remaining a -- off the season in the start six. The -- despite agreeing to a -- any time soon. It's just so so sat on the devalues the league you've obviously they handed volleys of the competition and they're funny -- -- to do something quickly yes he should be a transfer window because you bring great expectation and everyone wants to know how you shaking your squad up on his prime so -- once -- spot. Quality competitive teams you should be a stopper not because of a threat to. Reports -- -- Lee Smith and Charles request to force through his -- to -- traffic's. Martinez is a twelve the only days the company and Eric Berry as replacements should the -- to go to sleep through his -- is not about. Names because I will be very disrespectful I don't like it when I hear on the monitors slogan about plans an -- -- that. You know what club so whenever -- put actively we are trying to get one of the two. New faces no -- In terms of numbers is just to try to identified certain attributes or because how to score just finding the right the right -- that's if you can. Coffee was certainly seem to fit that bill I think take on the market as -- full seasons that we can. The Knicks you would it would be to third takes me the same -- if I think I'll press I predict Halladay profit from the Africa when it's earlier this summer.

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