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Current Video:David Moyes reacts to United's loss to Liverpool|

Manchester United manager David Moyes had no complaints about his team's performance, despite their 1-0 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To a very few opportunities to feature excellent examples. Think Stephen -- of the wind -- and they had one from an injury things in recent recent tough enough Liverpool with -- Who -- -- at all. So we get the ball created a tough challenge for almost like the -- in the school full. So you know disappointment you. Know there's the question about that we have -- some. We -- -- look at stuff that -- So it could very well. -- today. From the start with what we've just committed over the few minutes of the game we have we have about goal. With the exception so we put will probably best -- this season. Also was always -- -- going to be. It -- it -- tough loss to new month -- so Alex and he has been tough loss to play these games this isn't particularly you think affection for both clubs. I don't seem to put Chelsea and it would've been on particularly in the infection. So. But it no nothing nothing much committed to see teams -- it annoys me fortunately I think -- and wouldn't achieve and -- Villanova -- just not a BC news is imminent we China's women's championship. The thing we put them on the -- I think if you -- to defeat in Swansea Chelsea and today I think it's up to see if we put them maybe don't. Bush made eagle maybe -- though what goes the first game but we certainly had no loss to we just mystical feeling. And -- -- -- limited both teams today and what opportunities. So I'm pleased about not so I don't think the fans who think excellence.

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