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Current Video:Mourinho: Moyes not a friend|

Check out what Jose Mourinho and David Moyes had to say about each others clubs ahead of Monday's high-profile Premier League clash between and Chelsea and Manchester United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two big clubs to title contenders continue manages. 1990 -- -- Chelsea has become synonymous with being one of the nice high -- grudge matches in the -- talent that. But money to pay -- set it is two different for Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and in his first visit to Old Trafford since the retirement of claims cohorts Alex Ferguson. Passing for me the difference is. Is the -- didn't have me. Friend. -- being. Together and relaxed before them. The Mets. Have the guarantee that after the Mets. In the -- as a result. We got together again and doing our. -- look I've been having. The last. Few days. We don't have this kind of the relation with the it was relation. It's just never relationship has already been -- stage as the dispute at the Chelsea's takes -- Wayne Rooney continues. But from points is the business of the match for us to inform iced and that means -- think he can replicate that recent success in his debut -- traffic. -- when trophies and dead and the -- when trophies and you -- have to be teams that chokes it itself to so always what you would expect trouble. That the good players good team. Does not awful luck changed to the team as compared to last year just noted that in your mind you're -- Hello but it seems Manchester United does does not much change to the team except the -- just changed. -- you know to expect. No because -- in your knowledge of it didn't know what to expect from me. Fans can be sure of one thing. Maybe a new -- for both teams that would transfer squabbles and plenty to walk off the pitch it's -- to be as intense as as a on the.

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