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Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, has confirmed the club will not continue their pursuit of Wayne Rooney until after Chelsea plays Manchester United on Monday.


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I don't functional system. Before we. Google them and everybody going in the -- removal of the we've we've done it -- we -- have that opinion. It is time to to produce things we did before. We moved to later. But I think these disputes logistical point of views -- to. We are going to be. Quiet and thinking just about that. With the blitzing from I think today was that. Really gave us a different match. And we cope without. Defensively you are you a strong. I think we could we could do better -- the ball better decisions and maybe. My decision -- we don't make many changes only two. Maybe was not the best maybe you would be better to think more fresh players from. From the beginning and because I felt. My thing is. From the midfield into the thinking there is when we'll try to finish out which is that understandable that that can afford -- go to -- -- And sometimes you have to win because. You listen to us -- sometimes when you don't do that. You have to -- -- as things stand today -- things. --

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