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Current Video:Premier League opening weekend is here|

The Premier League returns on Saturday, get all the latest updates surrounding one of the best league's in the world.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- good sense today of what it's a new era at Manchester United as David's voice takes charge of his first league game away it's one thing. Replacing one of the most successful football managers of all time was never going to be day. And the fixed it this was cruel to the -- Matsu united face Chelsea-Liverpool. And Manchester City in their first five matches. We'll Tennessee -- than we do them in the blood vessel should. With any GM over there added in the close season boys must rely on the squad that won the league title last season. This golf has also had to deal -- tried to keep strides the weight room and get the club and it remains unclear if he'll feature against ones that. All that considered he -- new job that different of his last. Well it's no different as much as -- -- football minds open compared -- when do we -- we kicks off night. You know you have to win football games but it overstated in my -- -- -- in my chest and A today's is some -- -- Which will always very much are we all that it was always me do -- chew it over when it went to a but the worldwide support for much originated is incredible it really has. And both enjoyed it the players have been fantastic and did a little -- to get stuffed it. All the -- yet to make a major addition to those books as they get ready to welcome asked him whether -- at the end -- Manager Austin Mbenga has apparently had money to spend that every guy Gus and I go to fanatics and he was a freak cents a Bruney to a Suarez hadn't -- -- early going -- open targets but the freshman insists his business isn't finished. When I don't disagree a bit jumpy tonight at the moment. But to. This eighteen days to go until the end of the currency market. And ya of course. -- new strength and I was scored. Also have injury concerns to you cannot sense it is out for the first six weeks of the season. Some of the moment not your mother will also miss out. The big managerial changes at the top of the Premier League brings within an air of unpredictability and the potential opening for all snow. -- Maybe more open. At the moment. Because -- -- many teams who can compete precondition -- crossed you'll may be too when you can't treat. We're at the stopped a fluke from the -- it's very different to predict who -- we -- it. And that's this occasion. Nearly no ordeal to countries. And that's why the -- she -- weighted more interesting. In the rest of the days it's just beautiful place doesn't get you ready to go. That without Suarez who sits out the first six matches -- fighting Chelsea's but I does -- Ivanovic. Elsewhere -- not live without digital is a wedge yardage. And club if they spent nearly impossible for the first time out West Ham United.

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