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Come see FOX Soccer News as Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, feels he is better than ever and looks to start off on the right foot.


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Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now when Jose Mourinho talks couple faster -- instead it into design is something up and opening he has to say. The special wasn't vintage form on Friday he gets what he thinks he's pretty good. I feel that I have to look for my club officials -- -- of magnificent time and I'm looking for -- football and I want to give my best. And I think you know I'm probably. None of them have them because its feet and sat helpless to. So we've had a specialty managers who have moved like that is that sometimes age. Changes for the negative. Science and I look forward to move the sultan that part of a the football and the food Bohannon of the the -- that sort of foolish for me this sort of have a he's been -- and predictability. With every game is the unpredictability of the results is -- the community over. Who is going to win is going to qualify for a -- football Fuller who is going. Communities. I looked -- things that are people that says that. The best on these. Is better then they'll will start but of course -- -- -- -- but I'd prefer it to -- Good but the stuff is difficult. I don't like to play against. The teams that comes from. Hello division because and they come they come with a fantastic mentality and the chemistry and as they come. As a team that's we -- -- -- he's -- matches and he's -- influence is different and the team that survives. In the family in the less -- probably December -- January you find that somebody. It was not strong enough food. To be that effective for the title but things in the beginning you went into the Owens will. Have the same number of points. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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