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Current Video:Grant Wahl chats United States soccer|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Grant Wahl joins the crew to talk about the USMNT win on Wednesday and news coming out of Major League Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. And joined by Sports Illustrated that grant waltzes talk about the US and Bosnia at angry at 33 friendlies on Wednesday but the USA they came out with. A big win against Bosnia Herzegovina a big comeback win Riley and Jozy Altidore went -- hat trick. What do you make of this match overall. Well it is a friendly said don't know go too crazy out think if you're US fan but still it's a tremendous comeback score four goals in the second half after being down two nothing at the half on the road against a team that's likely going to be at the World Cup next year. So very impressive by Jozy Altidore obviously here's a guy who is on fire setting new US record by scoring his fifth straight international game. And really scored in a variety of ways that I think half. A lot of people asking the question is Jozy Altidore may be on the verge of being in the -- striker. I -- to find out a little bit I think what the Premier League seasons starts but this is a guy you. Had a big drought for the US for a long time scoring wise but this year has just been on fire. At twelve straight wins without American team it was a very long ago -- talk about your game Klinsmann people calling for his -- things have certainly -- since then. This team looks like a lock for Brazil as well as he silence the doubters. But for now at least a lot of the national team coaches pretty difficult because if you have a couple of losses and things can get tough pretty quickly that. Back Monday when the US got smacked by Belgium -- had any idea that the Americans would go on a twelve game winning streak. And -- of the opposition hasn't always been that hard but it's the seventh longest streak tied for that in the history of international soccer on the men's side which is. Just an impressive achievement Spain has the all time record with fifteen straight wins. US is gonna have a tough one coming up on the road -- -- World Cup qualifier place for the US is never one. But for now at least I think you're in Klinsmann has won over a lot of people who are thinking that maybe he wasn't the guy for this job earlier in the year. Yeah I really seem like he's just getting everything right well well acted Jose I'll -- -- -- is that he's -- higher he debuts for Sunderland this weekend. How do you expect him to bed and under -- to Kenya and grant can you please give us. Uncles prediction. Back that's a tough. One but I would say this Jozy Altidore can get into the double figures. To get at least ten goals this year in the English Premier League I think that would be a good start you have to remember -- the team that almost got relegated last year so they may not be scoring. As many eagle does he was seeing in the Dutch league last year he had 31 goals in all competitions. But -- can you as a former for himself and I think he. Right out the door so far would give him an opportunity to certainly spent a lot of money in thirteen million dollars -- out the -- so he'll get a chance here it. It's -- gets off to a bad start. He can't do his job to get in jeopardy is about the risk it may be out the door is taking by going to a new league in a world cut year after doing so well -- Was thinking of Americans in the primarily still got a whole bunch of them including a ricochet does that mean you might have to take a trip out to the Britannia at some point this season. Stoke City is becoming just America central which I find to be a fascinating story because you look at the guys who were there now. -- -- Geoff Cameron or easy do you want I could go on his way in January has already signed a free contract. And obviously there's a new coach there and Mark Hughes says they're not gonna play the style that we've seen. Stoke City flag under Tony killers which is probably not a bad thing if you're US soccer fan that wasn't always the easiest kind of soccer to watch. Hopefully Hughes opened things up a little bit more that's what he's getting paid to do. If -- US and you wanna see the American guys get on the field Geoff Cameron figures to do that the other guys might have a little more of a challenge ahead of them. Our -- let's bring things back to this side of the pond LA Galaxy announcing Omar Gonzalez as a third DP. Today that it's a multi year contract what are your thoughts on that -- like. Well I think it's a good sign for American players for the national team that they feel like they can stay in and -- -- and still compete well at the international level. On organs are the guys talented enough to play overseas had demand from overseas it is decided to stay at home. We're starting to see more Americans like Clint Dempsey like Omar Gonzalez. Choosing and now alas at a time in their careers and a lot of people thought it would be overseas have. I think taking a bit of a risk by not playing at the highest level possible maybe phi at the same time. I think this is showing that MLS is taking the right steps forward in keeping top young Americans in the league. And it's just getting keep getting better and better all things that much grant this is great enjoy the action this weekend. Thanks Jessica. Wants fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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