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Current Video:USMNT continues in hot streak|

Find out on FOX Soccer News as Lloyd Barker joins the crew to analyze the USMNT performance against and Bosnia and Herzegovina


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As what you missed he didn't watch Fox News last night. Well laboring an iron a multi dimensional. And ninth like back back to talk about a year that's a big results. Over Bosnia today -- triples cooler at least eighty US a where achieved in the. Yeah I think having most of us have been tempted to say that but I mean refrain from that and I'm gonna say hitting stride. It because I don't want to discredit these guys have been you know they can't do it they can do it they are doing it and so they're doing it. It a guess as they're capable to do and I called it hitting stride. And you know what a lot of credit here has to go to the manager because the players are responding. And everything seems to be working out to perfection and it's it's been for awhile now and so for me the US to go head to head more or less against any opposition at this moment in time. And at the very least -- well for themselves and I think that's what the US is doing right now that the manager deserves a lot of credit the selection is right the players are responding. You know this win came against a very very strong Bosnian side and make no mistake about it it's a strong side and went away. And scored four goals you know that you cannot take that away from them you cannot -- -- you can't he was a poor performance. For Bosnia is that bought Bosnia Herzegovina as a side is a real good performance. For the US side so for me this is over achieving its -- to potential. And that where that's where the US is at this very moment in time. -- Jozy Altidore was unreal the hat trick all coming in the second half Sunderland got to be ecstatic about the possibility of him turning that into a great prime your league campaign -- you look at. The way he performed in this game and out with Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan missing obviously Juergen Klinsmann is -- his number one -- Jozy Altidore had. I think you refrain from saying that as well for certain you mentioned some of the names. In that mix I just -- Jozy Altidore is not a legitimate choice and a legitimate legitimate go to guy. But he's got a few of them to go to -- to call on -- about it that's that you know the great luxury to manager has it is his disposal. And it looked at this moment talent enjoy the kind of represents the US -- twelve game win streak and you saw today he's been blazing form the last couple years. To date today in this game that Patrick show with his versatility is a striker. Different types of goals is runs are on points lively in the match. This is Jozy Altidore and it's US national team at this moment in time. They're lively there on point everything may do seems to be right the rosters are right selections the substitutions. Everything is working out for them so this moment Tom I think you know it's a great problem for the manager. When you have -- you mentioned Clint Dempsey meant to landed on but he went in and in the mix and you've got this guy and then there's a guy named Eddie Johnson who also scored in this match. It's a great problem Klinsmann has four top strikers at his disposal. Not to -- the -- is an important piece but there are many other pieces of this post. Well another player's scoring was at and -- out for Bosnia and it seemed like we almost forgot about that sky. What do you think we can expect from him going into this new prime. Anthony good question it's it's really question because I like to echo it is a fantastic player and one thing we've seen with him he gets the minutes he produces. But man he must be scratching his head because at one point you thought okay two players have left -- so. It's myself and Sergio ware oh I'm trying to get a get a spotlights. Doesn't happen to players left two players came -- and you have to feel for because Jacko is sold over the years and you know what he's. Kids can learn from him is great discipline as well because he hasn't complained just went about his business but at one point it was just him anywhere -- And that wasn't enough from man city didn't last very long two players came in in dismantled its its event -- just came over from. From during Tina and of course a bar and a great deal came over as well two fantastic strikers and so we're back to square one in terms of -- You're now one of four again and so maybe just maybe your back down in the depth chart once again you have to prove yourself when your manager Pellegrino. Who's come in as well and so it is a little bit frustrated for -- -- What you gotta give a lot of credit because you've never heard him complain you never heard him wind he came off the -- last year scored some big and also on the massive goals Manchester City. But I suspect to do so again it should be noted as well but aside that -- just decisions trying to compete on all fronts. They need three or four top strikers to do so I think the players need to understand that before they go ask about the Bosnian side they -- their World Cup qualifying group they'd give up four goals at home to the Americans -- this is the bump in the road for them or is there some concern. With the hasn't concerned you're at home it's the United States let's face it you know we're not talk about top sides of Italy or Germany France. Of the wide eyed and maintain the US can -- well against his teams at this moment in time but certainly they're not. You know on a high level with those boys it's a bump in the road for them there is cost concern whenever you take that many goals at home but I suspect they'll be fine. The teams they've played against going on the next four games are minerals in this world rankings so I suspect they'll want from this problem. Aggregate came out great that's up from you thanks a lot of the water watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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