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Current Video:Suarez set to stay at Liverpool?|

Looks like the rumors of Luis Suarez leaving the club have come to an end.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Beatles once sang this so you need is love -- might -- that's been enough to Liverpool fans to change the mauling of then stone strikeout. As far as my -- playing Japan bombings national GC with your life but he seems to have -- at the message that he will now study and field. Speaking to you -- amused -- that the 26 year old sets the analogy it's -- the the people's affection on will be staying. And it Disneyland and not a surprise to those revelations. According to my attention collateral high profile television journalist in South America. Speaks waited at the requirement is likely to extend his contract with club. Suarez stole the headlines throughout the summer through his determination that Lee political. -- had seen -- they had projected late in the fourth applause the anfield club the reprieve to contracts. Federal just refused to back down to -- Suarez apologized for his actions. Initially he refuse take him out dazzled like peace may have bright and councilman isn't some points. Did a full class we'll have to wait a little longer anyway to see Suarez will plight in the political show one small. -- -- out their season opener against -- sealed -- tonight at six -- of his bands of -- -- -- Ivanovic of mine from all season.

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