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Current Video:Parlour weighs in on Arsenal's lack of signings|

Find out what former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour had to say to FOX Soccer News about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal's lack of signings during this transfer market.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed he didn't watch fox soccer news last night. We just days until the start of the primarily season it's been another summer of inaction for Arsenal. Are some -- has been linked to big names like Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney but with -- nothing to show for it with the gunners trophy drought now what eight seasons. Some of the natives and getting a little restless mark -- reports. Hostels clay season signings ol' -- -- that's the story of that Selma. The possible arrival of Luis Suarez from Liverpool has dominated the headlines. -- -- awesome style right part of police capturing the year points joint -- could be the difference in ending their round without a jury think. They -- to always be in my exercise and he really was because. You know Cowboys hope they cradles to -- an -- and Arabs always as -- -- for you so schools -- old house as well and effectiveness while raising money be have a players who have been linked to counsel says our place -- some things that they've -- really -- -- six season and I would have been that covers well. Also of selling just won't play since the end of last season and it comes in the for many -- a bright prospect. Awesome thing guess not top young France forward Yoni Austin on guard from all said. The couple also reportedly in talks assigned by meaning if you definitely get stalled -- Also have been linked with three proven low class joint -- the defense allowed a single one. Wayne Rooney had paid on centered at Manchester United but it moved to North London never materialized. Gonzalez -- playing -- reportedly agreed sometimes but honestly couldn't match real Madrid's valuation. The Argentine eventually -- envoy -- -- not pretty but we'll see leading furious. Their best hope was Suarez the question that bank days whether he can convince that a coincidence and go to. Any -- are all waiting to pay up to fifteen million pounds three signature. It's a big season for transfers as well I mean. I over the years or something he's been document in the -- have money spent so I think council France have grown based on a great job. That he shared Unita has been with hopes that he's got quite a bit of money sustain to strengthen the side. So he doesn't spend it they try to -- is he is under pressure. Also have gone eight seasons down when he Detroit they. That -- sound managerial change is that England's top clubs represents a good chance that great that drowns. Not just the united Manchester City and Chelsea -- have new mini charge there is also stability in that department that could bring success. My -- opportunity. You know the other Gostkowski she is awesome and has done a wonderful job. To give -- -- champions league I think we've got to immediately resume he's the guy by the players that. The reports are that pales 707200. Million pounds has been seasons. -- geez how can he can get them what play is. And Vegas -- Giants comes against Aston Villa -- -- opening pretty elite fiction on subsidize. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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