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Current Video:Redknapp: If players want to leave, they should|

Catch FOX Soccer News as QPR manager, Harry Redknapp, believes that Bale, Suarez and Rooney will soon leave their clubs.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Well one week before the start of the primary league season in Wayne Rooney Luis Suarez and Gareth bale had yet to be sold but don't expect to see any of them. With their parent clubs anytime soon the -- picked up injuries of some sort convenient injuries too convenient according to QPR boss Harry Redknapp. -- -- has more. It's been ace some low -- football lives. That's what you really need discipline from move away from -- traffic and then had to -- matches yes it's PC's into -- was the hamstring injury and then a shoulder injury. Next -- -- -- made his intention to quit he didn't pull very fascinating and then had to -- to -- -- -- his foot. I'm derail Madrid target -- fans sat test of training with taught in hopes that I have an ankle problem. Queens park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp for one duties at Oakland -- plays Patriot is no coincidence. Been amazing maybe you know the -- though because eliminate the Cubs are injured. And some might as the united wanna move and then -- outfit that's. It's very difficult with people -- -- and I don't wanna -- club. Video you all better for them if they you know because you've done these greats. You know they did their nutrition and they're not happy that don't like they -- don't like -- -- -- -- these negative. And not thinking -- if it comes to that you federal safety meeting get the right often have the money right but the money's going to be -- You shift the moment and get Peyton did one thing people up. Waited a -- -- he's been back to action as the new immunity season kicks off. Get -- and fans alike and you have to wait the week to find out. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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