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Current Video:Preview: FA Community Shield|

Find out on FOX Soccer News as Lloyd Barker joins the crew as the discuss Sunday's Community Shield match between Manchester United and Wigan Athletic.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is what you missed you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Well no -- in an action obviously in the championship this weekend that's because there in the community shield against Manchester United Lloyd barker is back to break that one down and Floyd you look at this match up against Manchester United and wait and it doesn't exactly look like a fair fight on paper how do you break it down. Yeah I mean I thought of this last year when they were you know in position to be relegated total mind that. FA cup champion is gonna go down and get a -- next year and play in this particular game. In fact is we lost some significant players as expected when you get relegated and I just don't know if they. Replace those players does not effect on certainly happen it doesn't bode well when you face in the league champions and this is the biggest loss right here it's rule of Corning. He was more or -- all their offense last year's eleven goals and and a number of assists to lead that team and they just have not replaced them now insane that. We indeed win their first championship game. Four nothing four different scores so they'll take that as encouragement factors don't need anything is encouragement in today's contest ability bout with them. But I I just don't see. This being a real tight contest I think they're playing in Manchester United team that is eager to settle the nerves of the united supporters instead of the owners I think of uncertain. A nervous manager. Newton new manager David points and so they're gonna be facing a hungry we Manchester United side. Can't see we didn't offer much in those contests they don't expect that game that on the -- -- sounds like this of course is the curtain -- to the season you think that Wayne Rooney saga is gonna overshadow this month -- unfortunately yes I mean you Neil we all look forward to this data mean it seemed came around so quickly. Mean rated at all Gordon when he gets out really days however we look forward to this day as it's the curtain raiser. But unfortunately it is ongoing saga that's really become a little bit on you know on handers so we say if we have to be honest. His overshadow just got to so instead of looking forward to seeing this young man Wilford is a hot make his debut. And it you know it made anticipation of observing a new Manchester United on the Davis -- we're talking about this man Wayne Rooney who. Along with Luis Suarez along with Gareth bale. It's a distraction not just for the respective teams I think for the -- him -- so it's it's it's not a good moment right now the Premier League -- through their biggest stars. All by the -- outs with very timely mysterious injury and Selanne -- very convenient better -- I don't know what you're hinting that talent it's it's unfortunate we'll look forward to the -- what this does put it looked after -- -- where did the summer goes through it and deliver it it's got great -- thanks a lot of the -- answer. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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