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Find out on FOX Soccer News as Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, says Gareth Bale's price is too high but talks will continue.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- what you missed you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Scathing now Real Madrid is done -- with some of a -- bell continues. Presidents want to have prayers and missed folks continue that a plus of 100 million euros seems a lot to him. -- went on to say that his first -- and Daniel -- is friendship is very good. Off the -- of strong relationship lost Q when did a little bit of -- -- transfer Scott bus various Hedo apologists. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also letter reportedly had a bit of that definitely leads repulsed by Chelsea yesterday. And it's as the most asset to switch their attention to Danish international Daniel I've gotten with a seventeen million -- all but. However Liverpool manager Brendan roaches beneath the defender is going no less. He's one of the players is really really impressed me. If we're talking about loyalty. Is one of the first players I spoke to -- became the manager of the quote. And -- with Terry and there was a number of very close. World who look into saying that -- But he kidneys work on not not conversation it for as long as I want them to be a Liverpool even beyond Liverpool. And he's never swayed from that. He has and unswerving commitment. To Liverpool which is so refreshing. Thing you know history. It always we want to because he's world class. And it seems I get sent to -- on -- Martin skit -- also appealed the move. Having kept it a tight -- on a season long loan. Mean now because it's Rafael Benitez is after another one of his ex players for what reds boss has that in a bit to the Slovakian international. Although it's thought this area outside. On the only team in the race to sign the 28 year old with Skittles former clubs that and he does that also bidding for him. That both teams have yet to meet the couple's twelve minute time -- asking price. And the manager he seems to be collecting -- from his full looked up as west brom boss Steve Clarke. Having already brought in Nicholas Anelka the former Chelsea coach is still the sitting two other ex blues. Negotiations opening to be doing well with Manchester City witnessed sculpting class. With a full -- he plays 40000 pound a week wages not thought to be a problem. And Westbrook also tried to engineer and moved to Ivory Coast international Solomon regular. The parties have treated and released clause. After hitting three point six million pounds for the -- at Carolina could well play it does look certain to come to England from France is today's match could ante and to do. Told them -- could have agreed in nine point five million pound deal to bring the French international to what not -- The first to tell 25 year old he could also operate as a center back with a but on previous closest site with -- in a number of positions. Close does close -- bought drugs that target it looks like he'd have missed dealt on another as resilient twenty goat -- not doing checked out and ask. 21 point five million pounds. Matilda remit to be wanted but problems North London rivals Arsenal assigned to find it did it would be Ukrainian champions. That direct replacement for fellow Brazilian winning and elsewhere the exodus continues it keeping up with South Korean midfielder -- certain heading back to full wet and it did if he clipped ESP on a season long night. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten.

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