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Current Video:Real Madrid v Chelsea International Champions Cup Highlights 08/07/13|

Watch as FOX Soccer News breaks down all of the action from Wednesday's International Champions Cup final between Real Madrid and Chelsea.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. We start with the Guinness -- national champions cup package of scripted a better final for the inaugural pre season tournament. Seven big European clubs plus Selig outs and all -- down to two teams. And -- -- -- have picked a better summer and have Chelsea face round Madrid than this -- NASA may only be the pre season but when Jose Mourinho really take any opportunity to stick it to his old club lightly. Of course he would. Miami much famous for much more than just LeBron James and he thought -- -- house music. Did you rehab providing the fist pumping needs to get things going in Miami. Chelsea against Real Madrid the -- -- into the goal in this tournament taking on right outside that are unbeaten in four pre season games midway -- time to get going. Second minute dreamed of them -- making his way in the area issue from a tough angle. Peter -- -- -- the side fourteen minutes off 76 feet from the the -- nice little move. This step forward and send the low strike past -- -- open up the score around Madrid with a 10 lead -- just two minutes later. Just to go to work Ramirez squeezes through the Madrid defense put a little -- likening. Fitness is off putting very -- like fine -- to tie things up one. Ramirez is my favorite surface and as those of -- from numbers and nineteenth minute Cristiano Ronaldo. That's -- -- shot go from well out of six deflection that's just wide of the target. Play a much bigger role in this one point seventh minute Franklin brought up ago you Casilla spilled their body recovers. And takes care of the dangers. 31 minute Real Madrid with a free kick Christian on Ronaldo fat loss to. That's what -- -- -- -- Vince it's the high seventies send it over the wall and fast jackets who run around there at halftime and one still didn't know this is my short. I think that's probably -- -- which he's fiftieth minute Chelsea corner breath out of out of its with a glancing header it's -- the way I -- -- is. I -- and stop this -- number 157 minute. Right now on the attack yet again off across into the area Ronaldo heads in his race it's 31 round Madrid look at it galloping quiet. I don't know what that is but I pulled -- -- celebration. Then that's a much crazy moment in the 67 minute young fan makes his way on the field to hug and although and gets an embrace strikes that what the conversation with a superstar but it's got lucky. For being aggressive. In the end Real Madrid come away with a 31 victory they win the inaugural. International champion Scott -- Madrid finished. Against international -- -- -- -- wins over the Galaxy ever since Chelsea troubled Real Madrid unbeaten in five pre season matches well -- -- lose. And for the first time in six refute that. Was -- opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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