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Current Video:Luis Suarez looks to pursue legal action|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, is not training with the club and is thinking of taking legal action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. Let -- -- RS did not traveled in our way with the team due to a foot injury and the timing of the injury has some skeptics wondering just how bad it is. As a striker still intent on leaving and field. Since martz has been so -- about it Brendan Rodgers has ordered him to train alone until he shows a better attitude Charlotte Ernie has the story. On the stole money Jeff Austin thank you were spoken about the clubs the -- of Luis Suarez. Here whining about to take legal action every disputed release clause in his contract that it looked old and the nine in this situation is stopped buying. I had guns and this is sometimes things good things that you don't know having some sexual glands. So I would also waiting in the wings won its nice to try to trust us on this at this -- may -- reach a conclusion. To support a set to dispute the collecting of the dealing question. With -- -- Brendan -- typing that actions of the cop on the -- towards the Uruguay and will dissuade him. I really innings represented -- probably. If they were never ever think you know gone I'm not -- I think they know themselves that it wouldn't be a -- it would be advisable. Because this is a football -- This is a city this is a group of supporters who stood by him. To the darkest times of his career. In addition to any contract -- debates slob -- -- -- -- -- the top of breaking -- promise to let him leave anfield. If they failed to qualify for the UEFA champions league. I'm with -- as a site called confident that any particular in the Euro -- contract would not force them to sell watches it sees no need to be charitable. I'll tell you of examine all summer. Really and what is said most of last season that he's. It's incredible player. Lose words you know on the free and easy to fight. He wants to -- them. This is sitting who does the season. We've always -- a couple of it's from one club. There's been no -- near the valuation. And I repeat no one has the valuation of so voice is horse and then in this market in the world -- so warm. And and there's no change to -- out there there's -- even really a discussion point unless someone comes. Within anywhere near the evaluation of movie at this present time. That's not the case. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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