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Current Video:Daily Transfer News: Rooney, Ronaldo, Remy|

Check out the latest transfer news as FOX Soccer News breaks down everything regarding the Wayne Rooney-Manchester United saga and much more.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night a south. He has made at second bid for Manchester United striker Wayne Rainey and and you know I did have yet to get rejected Chelsea's offer. This round at least but about thirty million pounds on the table for -- who is not be jet carrying as number one transfer target. It was just three weeks ago at Chelsea made their first bit. And our guys the most recent offer you netted Spezza and told press association sport. Well I think it was received yesterday and immediately rejected our position remains that he is not for sale. So Wayne Brady may have to submit a formal transfer request if he wants a fourth commit to Stamford Bridge. For now he -- that'll trafford but as it left off the spot for their friendly against NIK stock up on Tuesday night. That's because -- hurt his shoulder and behind closed doors friendly against ran out the -- over the weekend. Now there are reports stated that Christian Renaldo has agreed to a new five year deal with 87 million euros they'll keep him Real Madrid. It's truce just seven and one million museum more than Leo Messi as Spain's highest paid clip of -- and you deal. Would increase -- sevens in his right from the current sixty cents. So what you've done at Real Madrid to justify such ridiculous numbers swell a lot since joining. Lost my uncles in 2009 from Manchester United the Portuguese international has scored 201 goals in this full seasons with the Real Madrid. It's gonna create high sixty in 55 appearances helping them win the league got. We have much more and see us have been coming up late and today showed. Why has been -- -- has completed its transfer to the front nearly Tottenham have officially welcome striker Roberta so stalled out. I'm -- that way partly to have to -- 28 year old passes medical. So that makes -- you from Valencia and a record 26 million -- -- for stars. Last season as striker scored thirty goals and 46 appearances for his Spanish class. Because of direction off the -- joint command has finally signed up left queens park Rangers Lilly who ran the horizon along and for the season we'll keep you off so well in the league championship. The freshman scored six goals in thirteen games to keep you off of the join them in January. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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