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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will face former club Real Madrid in the final of the International Champions Trophy.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's never been one to shy away from the media spotlight. So it should come as little surprise that just weeks off to beating my -- -- Jose Mourinho comes up against his former sun light. Green yanks Chelsea at that place in the -- the international champions come up with eighteen and they -- and semen on. Goals in each half and had to get -- and Andre each other enough potential -- excellence with his previous and going is. It may be a friendly tournaments. On to Miami to -- expect fireworks. No relatives saying -- This competition and is. Doing that this isn't here because I don't organized for them. And and because I'm professional. I did it even knowing. That's also -- during the season. There were no match is -- romances and the other. And trust is root for them I don't know the photos is gonna -- because. We've played against. A very special team we've been a special thing is. Like wins from flying Chelsea -- -- so funny that -- season. With a whole different winds and renewing staunch from the one that to play for Stamford Bridge in 2000 full. The Portuguese now has a range of key -- -- in his second stint with the club. Prospect which excites -- yet. My first team and Chelsea was a team. We've it's really. And quite tiring and then we play is. That's what in the best moment of that's their careers and was a team that. We know that this. Was Brandon and his team is a very intent. If we pick. The struggles that we've sweet for two years -- so fantastical people to -- But if you take him out of out of at least so. Is it age media and goals and even proven though. We have lots of -- -- sentiment into two fantasy. People that isn't going to let alone be enough to be a. Suns don't have long to wait to -- -- showdown. Chelsea face round in the final on Wednesday.

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