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Current Video:Los Angeles Galaxy v Juventus International Champions Cup Highlights 08/03/13|

Catch FOX Soccer News as the LA Galaxy defeated Serie A champions, Juventus, in convincing fashion.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you -- if you didn't want fox soccer news last night. You value and the Galaxy -- I was looking to rebound and opening round loss is a fifth place finish the best in that same. Can hopeful about a four minute Ellis on the match he breaks there and just that he couldn't beat the roles that just why -- On that I was when my kids go to finest moments in all. Last couple years -- -- Marcellus talk about destroyed the likes to Landon Donovan you don't build as -- group won -- making the -- 36 is -- great wolf Oakmont Gonzales. Gonzales does everything. Boston -- -- Galaxy who love to go Chip Beck and defender outstanding. Now previous off the bat is probably irrelevant spinning. Firing did not put as much -- on the doorstep in scoring with -- -- what was the at half time. Second off sixtieth off you've been through another rookie Pete they don't go lays off for Landon Donovan. Yet these Flames what do you might say the boy -- -- defense -- I'm human like seeing one Galaxy 68 you base that -- is on the -- well. Just off on its still 2176. Of giving go broke down in the books by solve I assure you as a penalty right. We were afraid waves play on. You should AT noise but it is Perillo what's he doing. Guerrillas but maybe the worst hit the way of this Korea broke McCain does the job those 31 Galaxy is how this one. Ends LA moves -- -- the fifth place nationally will play the winner of the Lindsay against in demand that just takes presence on the New Jersey. For the match here is what Robbie Keane has the -- That -- at Goldman and assists he looked like you really enjoy that 45 minutes in a very good with your team best course of his. I -- feeding itself. I was destined to get custody at -- being afraid of kidding about this as quick as I have to gonna stay as close to full weeks jumps up. It's only been two weeks so -- credit today. You know than -- -- -- friends and us if you don't you're not fit so. Just like you got -- to defend against a good team event isn't. It's always nice big for the city -- -- -- up against these guys and of course the end result is always good. You've watched one game now you've played in the other assess how the LA Galaxy performed against two of the world's biggest sides. Not to -- developed -- have you updated -- close game against south. I think for the most parts announcement should post up we dominate again looked. Like any good team you get to when Johnson gonna for a lane that was the case. I was a case around what -- -- the flyers I was missing yourself -- -- You know none of the three players who who's going to go itself it's and it's good not -- -- -- fit now both didn't go on. Had good runs but slamming into his ability the most and -- knows next Nixon against Thomas keep everything and hopefully get three points and I can't. I sort. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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