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Real Madrid's Marcelo believes the club would benefit immensely in acquiring Gareth Bale's talents, but currently the Welshman is still a Tottenham player.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Austin's fingers labeled -- a joke but talking horseback head coach Andrei fiasco assets and isn't laughing. Gareth bales of post transferred to Graham Madrid for a world record three in excess of a hundred million euros it's got the football world told king. -- -- he's excited about the possibility of linking up with the 24 year old at the planet -- it's Brazilian defender Marcelo. Thousand new level of he has a great plan and I played against him at a local -- then but I don't know him all that. Welcome Tim. It's a topic that belongs to the club and -- that I cannot say he should go should not being in the team and if people. If you lost me about any plays in the team now I won't see that it can't -- but does he is not in the team yet I have nothing to say with him on the case kemba. Players -- on the it was a great class. The and it becomes to Madrid and won't be welcome that if that is if they go home there's nothing else second sack of the season. With all the talk about fail could be easy to forget the small box that they returned to the -- biggest season in two weeks' time. And in preparation fullbacks -- face -- it's an Indian national champions cup semifinal in a son delays on Saturday. Where's it's almost we -- -- the stuff about pre season we know will be difficult gang thing was again and does well Madrid he'd want to win each time we play. Too little thought to the -- through -- with -- as well be different this time around in a positive things. With or without -- -- begin any season at how into real practice on August the sixteenth.

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