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Current Video:MLS All-Star Game Preview|

Watch as FOX Soccer News previews Wednesday's MLS All-Star Game where the biggest stars from MLS will face off against Italian giants AS Roma.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed if you didn't want fox soccer news last night. But the -- over and done with now all eyes will be on Kansas City Wednesday night -- Major League soccer descends on the midwest for the eighteenth annual -- also. Here's a surprise. This year's European opponent is not from Britain as Roma we'll field a star of the American football themselves and they feel there. Michael Bradley here's James -- with a preview the game. Quintessentially Italian but now on the US do to -- its time to -- -- the favorite to Syria -- Burma. They take on Major League soccer's all star team in Kansas City on Wednesday. If you're treating us here is sticking to kick start -- -- by folk with the city is still my comment hits these kids instrument also during their ranks this season. Having fallen just short of European qualification last ten. It is in the corporate type of fighter to city rivals not here. It's time to make pre season count for the general -- New York Red Bulls to Ontario and -- among those signing up against the Syria and Giants at sporting park and has only one opponent in mind. And when he famously placed in front since 2006 World Cup final defeat to. Simple folder and all month I have a lot of respect for Francesca. When you talk about -- you think that Francesco Totti. And when you talk about Francesca talk to you think about Burma. I had to battle -- taunt against team I -- some stuff against him I also lost something pretty beat against him but I have maximum respect for him. To stay in the same team throughout your whole career in the team supported as a boy. Maximum respect for him. And I'm happy to see him again. Soon we were fifth school. Then the -- school with we feel great it's an amazing feeling but it always feels great when you face opponents as talented as they -- -- if you. When you. Also face an old -- marker to fire 10 really well also -- sought to teach. -- Community he looked like it's very gratifying not just for me but also if I if drummer as well be. We've never played a match like just before for extremely pleased that -- -- -- hasn't fought us here for this event. Generally. Excellence. River themselves have an American in their ranks in the -- of Michael Bradley the son of former United States kicked ball. Dusty is almost our opponents Chelsea lost 32 in Philadelphia. Bradley takes pride in MLS -- recent positive strides so I think over the last few years you've seen. That this team has has really turned into. They're great spectacle you know if we have good players good teams and great big stadium as the fans. So I think you know. And Aaron were were rooting for excellence and a few stars to make it two -- an American's top class European position. Could be yet another miles an eight MLS history. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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