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Current Video:Cesc Fabregas wanted at Manchester United|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Manchester United are still in the hunt to sign Spanish international, Cesc Fabgregas.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- let's start at Old Trafford were Manchester United. Instead looking to make a splash this summer after losing out on Tiago the red Devils have shifted their focus the Barcelona -- fabric gas. United have already had two of their operas rejected by the Catalan Giants that hasn't. That it -- David -- was Manley has the story. Troy Davis belong to us -- to -- career. Are you this huge stage here where we coupon -- because those are just ongoing. Ongoing. So it seems Manchester United long running backs to have the same spot but gas is set to get -- -- still. TP it had already been rejected by admitted his club Barcelona the second of which is to be but that's -- million pounds plus I Dunn's. -- could actually do it and you recruit to a -- injury has struck down some of the most established members of his squad's. Queens and running and -- it probably hit that level expects to simply we have we thought it would be just and he's you'll pick companies will begin this week. The boys you brought -- was just precaution we with two to a select a precaution Michael Connor had a little bit uptight going. And today he -- in -- tough. Probably won't feature tomorrow night but -- -- everything going well we should be okay 22 soldiers in student -- we over the weekend some type. More a's might be confident he's going to be great to begin the defense of that -- league crown in just -- three -- tying. But to ninety you manage it will be keen to secure a mouthpiece on the signing to ensure he carries on Alex Ferguson left off. We'll look at to what sets fabric dances done in his career he played for the gunners in 2004111. Making 276. Appearances across all competitions scoring 54 times and then joined. This current club Barcelona. Making 94 appearances with 47 tallies I forgot also representing his national side -- three matches scored thirteen times there. What's -- opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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