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Current Video:FOX Soccer crew previews Sunday's Gold Cup final|

Come see FOX Soccer News as the FOX Soccer crew talk about what to expect between the USMNT and Panama on Sunday's Gold Cup final.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The gold cup final we'll see one favorite one underdog hitting the pitch at Soldier Field the United States like Panama on Sunday. -- back we're -- only guys for previous. So lets get set for Sunday's final from Chicago the US in Panama they've met once prior. In the gold cup final score was the regulation actually trying to be settled. -- kicks from the spot one by the US you know -- what -- Sunday's edition live on fox have in store for us but one thing we do know. Forbid Donovan is going to be impact -- somehow some way in this game there. I'm hoping that he can continue this form because it was a lot of questions that that we everybody had prior to this competition he's answered all -- and and is his inclusion of success. They just just the way these two worked together tonight it was phenomenal and it's Eagles. But I just being in the right spot. Being able just to collect this in the composure but that corner. Banana last -- -- -- right by the right out of the -- but a lot of energy but it's great to see him back it really truly is an end. As -- -- doesn't -- that that point that that point to the guy just passes to him and he's made a lot of people around him better it's been. It's been a good and determined that I look and I can -- a determination -- exactly what he -- its -- news where. It's really took on the minds of being on the pressure he's actually enjoying the guy -- And it's infectious of the lessons and was initially assumed the stuff he -- -- like everybody else I'm well -- them that's my attitude. Is infectious if there's a weak spot though we've seen it now twice Mariano it's some defending on set pieces where the states. -- -- -- Yeah I mean it's it's very. -- is very common and just happens often in any team. When they don't have they're real petition the same pieces it's easy to go eighteen to score and make. What happened we've got a pennant in the Mexican yeah. If they defend like Mexico did against them off and sad faces they're gonna get punished because one thing -- so as a somehow he will detectable has been an Achilles -- of the -- to rectify that for the US it's a good -- and outscored the composition nineteen to four and thus far so through the gold cup remember these two teams met not too long ago June 11. World Cup qualifier in Seattle states want -- to zero Jozy Altidore. And Eddie Johnson with the Colts. What's Fox News every night at 10 PM.

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