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Current Video:Brendan Rodgers ready to sell Luis Suarez?|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers talks about whether or not he's ready to let striker Luis Suarez leave the club.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. Liverpool striker Luis Suarez might -- the reds increasing ease into our age that he arrived in Australia to finish particular with the squad. Last year has been a rollercoaster ride for the 26 year old we'll start is next campaign on Liverpool's Spanish due to suspension unless something drastic happens. Rory O'Sullivan has the story. The signs continue to point adults of Liverpool's Luis Suarez. But despite interest from highly profiled seats as -- it will play for the -- but this time since hinting he wants to leave the club. But beautiful -- -- victory on Wednesday. The red Salinas standoff with all still off the -- that they'll be more than happy to improve reported thirteen million pound it that the iroquois and manager -- Rochus is prepared to last and missed -- news. Any sort of pull for the poems in the season and you know his value then there's no reason to consider him. -- haven't done it well -- of them but does a preoccupation with the strut his price -- -- his apology is inevitable. Considering themselves. I assume that every player is about you know what. Does that mean you're going so. Yeah good question. -- it hopefuls want to wait frontman and like to be around for a little longer but then that was speculation for an impending -- six. I'm quite relaxed on the you know. -- Missouri you know expect it. You know -- And technical part of our school and over the course of these next few weeks who it will communicate but. -- I've been in regular communication through the summer so. So is -- -- mister Simpson's home. Suarez has made nice secret of his desire to play in the champions league. No European football on offense on that -- next season what is -- little too -- to select constant to prospects and confidently sent. The status of the -- close. Is there for him to see him. And for us when the middle of punitive school -- And and the measure pros will always be the champions league. That's the image of the open and the status -- -- the public and -- and so -- the -- preparations for next season have been given at least that's Morris joins up with the -- school wants. The welcoming back that prolific frontman has been somewhat tainted. But -- -- of saint Pete hitting that well. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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