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Current Video:Grant Wahl previews USA's squad additions|

Check out FOX Soccer's Grant Wahl as he takes a look at the players the U.S. Men's National Team have called up for the Gold Cup knock-out round.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Back to North America or the United States figuring out for a quarterfinal matchup against El Salvador the gold cup on Sunday. Americans were the only team to pick up the full nine points in the group stage well upstart El Salvador. With the top third place finisher with four points granite walls in Baltimore with more. This year every gold cup team had the option of bringing in four new players for the knocked out round. But the U -- -- the only team that is bringing and it's full allotment that be clear Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson had joined the team here in Baltimore. Best case scenario what they bring youthful talent from the ace wide. But it's up to leaders like captain -- easily to make sure -- blend in well with the team that's been together for nearly three weeks. I don't think they they need some of the. And then you know they've been around for a while. They know you know listless as they can out of he's been doing -- on for me having and it is -- -- you know to already have -- -- audit three are great players you know they gonna you know bring some different you know I think that team and you know -- against the -- we needed. A little little more help and you know that's great you know I'm on a Saturday here without him help. And you know I get. Group I. An elimination rounds you know just aren't. In on the side and enough I'm sure they'll contribute very well for a fraction. There was some club vs country injury in the call lots Ramsey he was unexpected edition but did not get called allowing Kansas City -- -- is one player and be solar. And Seattle carriage that yesterday did a favor for his friend -- Klinsmann allowing Johnson to join the US despite Seattle's injury woes. I just think it's. You know for us and Seattle's been a bit of bad timing. But I don't think as the in the -- means little bad because of the injuries that were happening Seattle and I haven't had the best results the last against but I still a long season and you know talks on and in. You know -- he was the best. You know on the come here and you know not -- -- -- with my team make -- Take care of the business here because this should come here contained in this Wentworth come. The fourth US call up Omar Gonzales is set to join the team in Dallas if it advances to the semi finals. Ultimately this could be a precedent setting situation. The US team is never make Collison midway through turn it and this could be a positive or negative. I'm grant wall in Baltimore for fox sports. Thanks grant and you can see the US that they go head to head against El Salvador. Coverage begins at 3:30 PM eastern 12:30 Pacific time and that's match can be seen on the main Fox Network. Was Fox News every nights at 10 PM.

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