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Manchester United manager David Moyes has reiterated that Wayne Rooney will not be leaving Old Trafford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Majesty united Manning today it always has reiterated that Wayne Rooney will not be leaving old truck beds. -- rivals Chelsea has made a strike that -- summit trance that target and have already have one day rejects it. But -- insists that's as far as united to consent to England frontman is going Nowak. It's not far from leasing player's voice has the heavyweight champions I think activists want. The -- position doesn't change that Wayne Rooney. This -- changed it up. I ended. As far as quiz what we're looking to bring and you know what what can hope to do it up -- trying to better hope to make some additions to the squad. And hopefully there was some good news day and not too distant future. In terms of potential signings also led to midfield assessed fabric -- is tough with the united wish next. The top and made a bit of 25 million pounds to the 26 year old and a manager is tight -- deal could be done save. And the contact with -- with -- -- for today. To -- and we've been dealing with it just those. A hole put into a little bit more in an -- to -- these things in the morning but -- and just so -- might have a level -- -- information and in an -- open. Going. You may have one -- on the transplant buckets but the united also also has more immediate consensus besides full. United were beaten one -- that fast Macy's day against a titles are an -- Boys will be making make a told about a shouting when they take on an eagle scout team insignia on Saturday.

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