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Current Video:Carrick backs van Persie to shine again next season|

Hear what Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has to say about striker Robin van Persie and the upcoming Premier League season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the talk about the future of wearing Bruney has somewhat overshadowed Manchester United pre season total of Asia and Australia. And after defeats in their opening match against the same old star eleventh this work to be done. But if Ruben Brown post he can recreate his form from last season Michael Carrick has no concerns heading into the new campaign. There's pressure on his shoulders so two to make him -- like you did was. You know because -- mine's -- You know -- Important games of the time -- in an entire don't through their self posts. As players to sit up most of the coastline -- is great and throughout the season impact Nieminen -- Was was amazing you know vote for a third season -- well. David -- yet to see any new faces through the united -- since taking charge. Meanwhile found a -- manages Jose Mourinho and Manuel -- greening up and making significant additions to that squads. But -- expects the same teams before I think that's why it's so come the end of the season. For years. You know this is fresh optimism around totally -- and that's going to be the most of society and you know this team's confidence teams Johnson. In the end the last few years it's it's been similar teams up you know there and you know with the ghosts. Since he's been in Chelsea so change monitors and you know it's different feel about it -- strong sports and and in the best teams or come to the tolerant and hopefully -- -- with the royal. Not to look to return to winning ways against an illegal stuff so I don't suck today I was jacking off Japan for the final leg of that far every school.

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