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Current Video:Edinson Cavani unveiled at PSG|

Watch as FOX Soccer News takes a look at Edinson Cavani's arrival to Paris Saint-Germaine.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- white man stepping in and watch fox soccer news last night. It doesn't go Vonnie has left Napoli joined -- ascension nine for reported 64 million Euro is. Europe once as an opportunity to win the champions league was my motivation. Not money. Ambition yeah writes well anyway 26 year old -- Vonnie -- area in scoring last season with 29 goals. The -- Chelsea man city and Real Madrid and moving links within the make erased his -- won today. -- also confirmed sport into its hilly and a lot of it would be leaving the club with the media affects have a team as -- was good volleys today in the sun. Was it is. I know coming. It seemed off French champions. It's a team he played pretty well and made a good impression in last year's champions and -- and I think they'll do well at the premiere of -- I don't know why people should think otherwise. Avery is a world class champion it's always a pleasure to play with him because he knows how to win one. He's a winner and it's very positive for the whole team is now coming to this because -- and I hope will be a good attacking combination. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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