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Current Video:United States edges Costa Rica|

Watch as FOX Soccer News recaps all of Tuesday's Gold Cup action between the United States and Costa Rica.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. We start at the gold cup whether USA faced their final test in a group stage fellow CONCACAF powerhouse Costa Rica thanks opening tournament with a couple of victories. Both nations have already booked their tickets. To the quarterfinals the -- strides well they've got a goal differential so all three points Tuesday night or even a draw with clinched top spot in the group. The USA riding a seven game winning streak that match. Best run out all the time out of hit a pretty good look at the depth on the side we'll cut streak and their only loss in the last sixteen. Game against USA on that snowy march night in Denver hoping not to repeat that again for the third minute Johnson. Since the cross for Kenny Cunningham he had done that put Shawn Johnson. Is there to make routine saves one announcement when Donovan he sends a quarter and Allen on -- -- the -- gets -- putting not -- just wanted to target. Nice effort. The 33 minute. Things don't look promising comfortable -- -- in the corner junior DS groups of bicycle kick over the bar nice effort. It doesn't hit it right -- -- ago. 36 minute of the Taurus. The center of the corner ball finds the red hot Chris want to allow -- been money but it's -- the backfield. The stepped up -- is not what we're all those yet. Wherever 42 minute things didn't stipulate that Stuart Holden takes down on him both have words. They'll score have to. 55 minute how long ball forward by the US. Patrick Patterson he leaves the blocks to play the ball. They're inflated -- his hands as he's out there but you only get that yellow card for president and believe it and science it's ridiculous that Torres gets it over the wall members and they'll make some phenomenal saves stop Clinton Donovan. On the rebound. And the USA are denied it looks like to have it but this wasn't the case to cut -- corner in the 82 minute ago. Forehands. Back post area of the -- big Saint -- said there's still looking spot in the box. US has to do that and they finally -- out best save of the night critical people are right there Shawn Johnson. Upfield have you last converted together and Donovan -- -- who. Says he's not used to it. My mind how the tables concerned an incredible save from Johnson gets some of the blindly threw great counter about the stars and stripes -- stuff like -- -- Both celebrate -- is that what you're getting that's -- -- getting -- Shea gets the job on the US they -- by one they'll file that's -- Go for the stars and stripes -- first goal for the national team USA in scorching form right now they've now won eight matches in a row. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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