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Napoli boss Rafa Benitez admits he is looking for a new striker, even though Edinson Cavani has not yet been sold.


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Which I'm very satisfied with the new players. Because I'll plans that we need. That's very important for us and sometimes seems fallen name in the multi hit. I'll trust that market will be all the plants we need -- most the players we need process and apply them. I'm for -- mentality. That -- only direction we can tight in the transfer market. Can Vonnie is still an -- play at this point. He's still on holiday as any other player to part in the confederations cup but there's still time will see. Well the president said it's true. That -- was looking for a plants because school -- gold's season. And it won't be easy. If we have led by senior ranked -- that how music talent on and Mattson Higgins oh goals. -- was still looking for a forward and let's see if we can score enough goals with all these players to get up. Want to do was inevitable final vote. Just come home court I don't want that country and -- -- -- and it -- things -- comes close on 22 -- --

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