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Current Video:Moyes stresses Rooney not for sale|

Hear what Manchester United manager David Moyes has to say about Wayne Rooney's future.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This month said he wanted to beat this man said he wasn't the sale Eastman center incest and then this amounted to. And outdated voices had to reiterate again that way that you won't be eating out profit. Any -- united manager has been forced to reassess to strike his position often tells Jose Mourinho became the -- most of voiced admiration. Speaking on United's summer tour in Bangkok police say it's an if I was speaking double dots last week I think I said wait that he is not the Seau. I'm getting us plenty of questions about Wayne and I'm -- -- -- to cost about lots of plays as well. Again I'll keep repeating myself weighing is that Manchester United fan who remain that. The astoundingly forthright comments are the putts from -- -- usual starts of avoiding inflammatory comments from their opponents. However it was perhaps necessary with the east lead to come in even more into focus -- strike to stay home with a hamstring injury. -- -- my -- more tight lipped -- also didn't number one target Jiaka Alcantara. Spain's under 21 captain has reportedly agreed it for you to deal with -- and the wind is behind you think. That's really -- -- line midfielder looks to be reunited with former manager pet audio lack adequate to beat the Giants. So while much united have salvage anything next time squads they were no doubt feel safe enough to play you could've been his teammates.

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