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Current Video:Mourinho admits Rooney admiration|

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho makes no secret of his admiration of England striker Wayne Rooney, but Manchester United boss David Moyes does not have any intention of selling the player.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Old Trafford Stamford Bridge we'll -- emirates no one knows where Wayne Rooney will be playing his football next season. But Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has made the tentative step towards signing the Manchester United striker. Speaking on his arrival in Thailand with Chelsea's pre season -- gets underway eight Mourinho admitted he likes to 27 year old. The Portuguese is in the market for a strikeout and admire his -- star style and pace. Austin -- it is another manager agreement to be interested in securing the England international services. But is also pursuing other attacking options. Bruney has been forced to return home after the first day if you don't it's pre -- whole of Asia and Australia with a hamstring injury. -- Old Trafford boss Alex Ferguson said -- told him at the end of last season he no longer wanted to remain at the club. But the plan hasn't made a formal transfer request and the new Manning charged David Maurice is adamant his striker will study in Manchester. The English transfer window closes at the end of focus and expects this transfer saga to go the distance.

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