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Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini admits he does not know who will be arriving at the Etihad before the start of the Premier League season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester City arrived in South Africa on Thursday for the first thoughts that mammoth three seasoned soul. The Premier League runners up are facing two local sites -- this for united and I'm a senior FC in the Nelson Mandela invitational tournament. Pedigree he has taken squad -- -- DT South Africa but there are two notable omissions there's. Not -- on going to see to -- qualities that to us finish the News Corp. dropped. Here some days ago they probably -- you want them to fire if they thought holy days. But it's fun Spanish jury returned this -- to be a few of the new faces alongside them. While I agree he has considered several new signings ahead of the knee starts of the season he's not show when that the right. -- -- -- -- We -- -- what is my peers we know we don't know of these more who is going to come you aren't you trying to. The perspective -- Or what I don't know if you before we finish. Keep your weakness a topic are we -- him out of thankful I was probably. Beaten extinguish their house net fresh but at the moment where I -- You -- The players who have plenty of chance to impress than you lost during pre season. Only in South Africa city travel to Hong Kong Munich and Helsinki for the first match that you can't really complain against Newcastle United.

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