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Manuel Pellegrini explains why he picked Manchester City as the team to manage.


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I was not -- the city feel. For a lot of things. First of -- because sided I don't know it. For some reports via this cheeky enough have a divisional foes that -- Does -- have been spending on both are very important result from. The second race and I think we have very with a foot. It is really. Very good thing is that we -- Tried to reach important not just the fickle breeze so. Understood every song I'd. Most of plus missing piece about the putts from going critical for -- playing really good answer to be so where do you play. There. The past couple weeks to get it was there with the team about some things in voting for pro football. It's. Nice in South America and next thing. How how different this season and trying to think. Plus is his defense he is a different thing country it's my feet found that I worked for. Okay in my career does sure I don't have any program with -- I don't know if you are gourmet duels or international schools here either so -- need to learn so I couldn't believe I don't think I would accompany you to come through. To be. Or what I know I won't know what I need to know Alter this community so it's something I'm not a person about that.

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