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Find out who Chelsea are tracking during the summer transfer window.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- that speculation. Chelsea started steadily enough. But now we'll continue faces that they think in Jason -- your second spell in -- is dating and Bentsen. There it's that he wanted to kick start the business not a country -- thinking -- and Andre show that. But it's whispers that the -- solidly or perhaps a few passengers to please and we'll be one of the biggest plays in the simplest shots that win day. It's a most of Monday that Chelsea on -- and asked them -- Christian then ten K. Off the coach to predict a transfer request later that -- speculation that we it will sink in the month front is gathering pace. That's Austin and little will provide competition. Aspect that he plans for future away from that upon. -- more -- and she -- press plane Chelsea are preparing Bob Hope it's the Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez. -- the articles they could -- since treaty is not the sale. But that doesn't this have to Chelsea off the -- new reports of what the unsettled strike yet. 240000. Pounds a week salary as part of the point you deal. Should the two you get to ten down approach -- with really neat that Chelsea -- the same approach in the hunt for Suarez. The -- let's say it's a projected to thirteen million -- from also spoke highly -- strike hit. That -- beautiful today to forty million thinks that a few heads I talked.

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