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Get the latest news surrounding Luis Suarez's future.


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-- claiming he's unhappy playing in England the last thing -- expertly Suarez to date in defensively to live until. It's joint another union league club. They his disillusionment with English football has prevented also launching an audacious bid to the -- to strike yet. The Genesis that's not boast a thirty million pound approach that unit quiet but I've seen their inquiry ten down by the dozens of clubs. Suarez takes it this summer -- the pressure of the English media could force and -- of the -- he claims to love. He's continue to dropped him to leave anfield that's just a statement to idea of joining rail with trades. While -- moved to the bit about maybe understandable. That the move that's made us -- as much sympathy should last season's top scorer had to have an elite rifle. The gunners have turned to Suarez with the two a's captured Gonzalo he -- yet to be finalized. The rail strike has been on the verge of completing his thoughts that for some time. That the only getting to -- it's those that triggered Oswalt come out with a backup plan. He plane's arrival at the Everest is to expect to get a free -- where it'll go postal then maintain that DC to Suarez remains to be seen.

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