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Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino confirms the club is pursuing Brazilian forward Leandro Damiao, among other transfer targets.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With how lenient on to getting and medical ahead of his proposed -- its holes and then it seems does have perhaps given up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those are bouncing that the -- -- welcome back to haunt them but sometimes and strong ending to the great resilient. So -- I say the Saints -- -- -- -- its the united is more than happy to discuss the he's been monitoring this summer. And so that they wanted from a social and we've got to look -- about. Very good players and one of them is don't know what you mentioned. Also wanna go also when -- -- so. We're managing the situation as -- possibly -- at the moment. Took -- seen real surprises I don't know -- -- a -- but they get cruising to a full strong seasons with the leaked -- that Valencia. Final -- gonna -- out of the when -- and he's Argentinian. He plays well he's please and stuff so he's a player that we're considering. But you have to understand articles for the future players that we private social thing about -- public at home. And it is clear as both maybe perhaps one of the players are we dealing with well actually caught. -- be seen anybody say he's on the south American and should remain trying bits but he's the -- made things public enough. He's equally happy to lift to lay it on Celtic refuted that and when you comment. But no implicit gave your question our news it could happen we sort positions within the field that we want to triples. So are there any secrets I that he took his seat would like to add to his squad had -- that he sees in. That you he's willing to let it go this -- that mystery with the likes it but he shop and -- -- they seem obsessed teaches the stuff -- club.