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Current Video:Landon Donovan hopeful about USA’s Gold Cup chances|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Landon Donovan discusses the chances that the United States has in the upcoming Gold Cup.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Of that enjoyment for the year's national fifa World Cup qualifying of all time leading scorer Landon Donovan is back in the fall for the upcoming gold cup and all -- will be on Donovan the easy choice to win back a starting spot the qualifying. In the mean time out is very impressed with the youth in the gold cup squad. We don't have too many guys with a lot of experience. At this level so it's it's a relatively young group it's relatively an inexperienced group. And it. Everybody sort of knows what they're doing but when the games start coming in and they start -- a little more I think that's for some of us older guys can help and and calm guys down and but I don't realize that. There's there's there's. Very manageable way to do things and you don't have to be Q. Stress to strong and and we can enjoy this experience for me. This experience has always been a great one of the -- and if we come together and be a team and enjoy it and we're going to be successful. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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