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Current Video:Chelsea, PSG determined on landing Cavani|

Chelsea and Paris St-Germain are the two main clubs after Edinson Cavani, but Napoli refuses to drop the price on the Uruguayan striker.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With some seats is apparently that's soft on his buyout clueless it's looked like Edinson too funny may be staying put mentally. Until now that is with Paris on his amount reportedly poised to bankrupt the 63 million euros required to release him from his contract. Chelsea and Manchester city schools they interest in the year -- Nothing has not ready to a reds -- set to be done concessions over the full with price -- Until they tasty may be -- in the financially to sign him sources close to too funny to say his heart to sets and working objects even read you stop the -- Yeah tennis -- -- -- -- the days so offense though it's over the Seattle what me. Look Keitel united Chelsea have made an offer for me as a sets all I know is this -- won't -- trained by manages attack claimed level. Such as media -- attic cleaning. -- -- -- about and it was nothing -- to Sonoma and go as well as many others the sign of frankly in the past. It would always be a pleasure to work with any of these manages. Real Madrid's novels have been linked to the coveted front man the task of funny on this -- future away from serie -- on. The end of the community is said to have slate this decision. However should his preferred clubs continue to hope not on a significant Al late in the French capital me sitting back and that the -- strikeout.

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