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Current Video:Ronaldo supports Brazil protests|

Brazilian legend Ronaldo took a moment to voice his support of the Brazil protests while FIFA Sepp Blatter remains optimistic about Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup. Watch as FOX Soccer News breaks it all down.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now once again a Brazilian legend is speaking out and support this country's protests in the confederations cup wants the same time send them not to do with the World Cup. Confused so we explains it was -- and Graf. 2013 fifa confederations cup will be remembered as much off the field matches I spoke to free Frankfurt will displayed on the pitch. Protest site corruption a public service issues a couple of clashes with police I have a shot having to two weeks ornaments. But Brazil legend Renaldo but he such demonstrations were necessary to force through change. Of course I'm lurch towards -- -- people. When bolts on the streets and schools with the people. Are realized that Brazilians on the against the World Cup. All the confederations cup for about my cynical zero. Or are you thinking of -- Guerrero Brazilians are gains corruption. The embezzlement of money. I'm against the way the health and educational systems are ministers in the country which. Systemic or their sorrow. There was success for Brazil when it came to the football side of things at the tournaments. They secured their third consecutive confederations cup triumph of a three -- humbling of European and world champion Spain. And another who won the World Cup slicing 1994 and 2000 and said he feels his country -- in the strongest position to claim their six World Cup crown -- New -- Time I was here citizen that's available course -- I think that these Brazilian team is one of the best. I'm the favorite to win the World Cup next year -- -- it's. -- -- -- -- this -- they have -- -- potential. The -- is again -- the main national teams in the world. Has gained respect again. I think they could do even bats an opportunity -- cape. York in the court and up. It would be known until the World Cup make its way to a country which acts as one of locals greatest six by and -- a big game. But avoiding a repeat of the recent scenes of unrest will be just as much -- -- -- of Brazilian minds as the -- spectacle itself. Leading up to the confederations happy but president Sepp Blatter was completely confident -- -- of ability to have preparations completed in time to host the tournament. Throughout the tournament we continued to hear optimism from -- despite the protests and clashes with -- -- Now that becomes that's happened over here's what president's final thoughts are. -- -- -- And happy. And I'm looking forward. It optimist -- an -- before that. Definitely be he would be back because we have the kind of -- in December. In Salvador. And they did have the meeting the public ticket to -- McCain. -- it'll still be the opportunity. Again put Pete currently -- -- to how pathetic -- -- to government. And that he's spewed at the time. That -- -- have made everybody has made that it but he thinks. These things and then he can look or legs can now be confederations cup but she's Mota Benitez and competition. It is really they both took -- a couple of champions. But he -- he makes it double cut but he could be allowed beat me. -- -- big games and here you can never make everybody happy. And -- feet -- to make happy. The maximum number of people who don't come take. By saying get to a -- brings to you. Not only be entertainment. That's actually emotions. And hope. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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