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Current Video:Moyes begins tenure at Manchester United|

David Moyes arrived for his first day of work at Manchester United. FOX Soccer News breaks down the top priorities on the new Manchester United manager's to-do list.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. While you are some holidays and just getting started there over for your favorite club Monday -- back to work for many. -- big first day at the new office for David points -- new man says -- and Abbas drove up the club's Carrington training ground -- a -- -- -- at 8 AM Monday morning to begin crossing items off his lengthy to do list. One of the first what's your name and it should use his backroom staff although. Really is no surprise when you look at the names boys will be joined by three of his old -- and staff members. Assistant Steve Brown first -- coach Jimmy moms and and goalkeeping coach Chris woods so next on the priority list putting an end to the Wayne Rooney -- Take a look at the schedule for Manchester United players return on Tuesday and Wednesday with the exception. But the few that participated in international competition this summer on July 10 the red Devils begin their summer tour and Asia. -- -- -- this first game in charge will be in Bangkok on July 13. First decent all stars followed by friendly for the -- golf stars in Sidney. On July the twentieth. United's summer tour wraps up in Sweden -- voice makes his Old Trafford debut in a friendly vs severe August ninth on the FA cup winners. Fate they face ethical winners win and I should say for the community she'll that's couple days later. That's systematic kick off the Branyan probably season way to Swansea on the seventeenth and August -- -- is now in charge former united by Gary Neville is confident that united. We'll still be a force here's Adrienne Miller would want. He's finally started work is the monitor much you know it's it's a one club legend is already back to David -- to succeed. Always spent the day of the club's training complex somewhat familiar it's a full but brought back down and middle. That would know kind of dates to be seen those with the first group of play is scheduled to return to training on Tuesday. Once things tickets -- -- Nevin is confident the club will continue to be -- force to be reckoned with. Why would -- be to go champion players the manager obviously this challenge that -- of a great opportunity the same time as a good -- he's earned is position. And for the players that are awareness in -- they've been winning many many is that they can you respond to. Adversity well they did when that when -- Lou's day and get back on the bike and go quickly again -- of quiet experienced around wouldn't. I don't expect there would be successful for the got a great challenge at this Chelsea a punch to succeed. I still talk on the old composite them. You know -- had a 105 pretty elite clubs heading into the new season with a new manager with -- -- -- -- -- city and Chelsea among -- -- with Manuel at a premium driving his city and just say bring it back at Chelsea. It's a new -- awesome race it's going to be his face the contested as ever. However -- respect his whole playing career I you know -- seats is adamant there's -- -- better -- around. The rest of available and which football to management's united. Of the six successfully and got good players to graceful great stadium great training facilities. I think that's more opportunity than -- feel like. One of the first issues more space is -- united -- to -- out the future of wind Rooney. You don't Tito wants thoughts it was when big name players have left the whether they can do the same offer a legendary manager has to party it remains to be seen. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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