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Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville believes David Moyes has what it takes to be a hit at Old Trafford.


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He's finally start to work as a manager -- -- on six and one club legend is already back to David -- to succeed. Always spent the day of the club's training complex some with the millions of -- went right back -- example. That -- -- kind of dates to be seen -- with the first group of play is scheduled to return to training on Tuesday. Once things do -- -- sees -- is confident the club will continue to be forced to be reckoned with. Why would that -- got some implants. The manager obviously this challenge that -- a great opportunity the same time to put my allergies there and he's positioned. And for the players that are a witness and they they've been winning for many many is that they can respond to. Adversity well in the when that when they -- they get back on the bike and go quickly again itself quite experienced around within. I don't expect there would be successful for the got a great challenge -- this Chelsea a punch to succeed. Hostile talk on the old course. Haven't. You know exit of one to five Premier League clubs heading into the new season with a new manager with such a rod was much the city and Chelsea among that group -- With Manuel had a comedian -- city and -- and -- -- Chelsea. It's ideally it's awesome race it's going to be his face he contested as ever. However an -- respect his whole playing career you know I seats is adamant there's -- message of around. The rest of available in -- football to management's United's. -- that six successfully and got good players to grace -- great stadium great training facilities. I think that's more opportunity than risk if you like. One of the first issues boys faces you know it's it's just sorts out the future of wind Rooney. You don't toot one's thoughts it was when big name players have left. But whether they can do the same offer a legendary manager has to party it remains to be seen.

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