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July 1, 2013 marks a decade of Roman Abramovich's ownership of Chelsea Football Club.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Secretive and silence. That's ultimately successful. Having only -- one public it to you during his ten years in control the way revenue -- -- it conducts business -- Chelsea may be shouted in the street. But there's nothing ambiguous about what the Russians quantity brief this rate has done for the pleased tricky candidates. Monday bucks it's decades since the quotes like keep seats power of the club for a 114 million pounds in 2003. Chelsea -- matched only -- the -- 98 hasn't been stipulated club in not slowing that he left of major trophies since then. They won't nativity three times it -- -- FA cups on TV cups that's was trying to think that the champions league and the American League. -- doesn't believe as regime -- has its second decade. There's a renewed focus on cutting the spending that's been synonymous with the front of -- era. It's -- -- long -- the club's academy to be his point -- talent souls this one policy for 8700 million pounds in transfer fees overrule. He's also Spencer close to fifty billion pounds in the compensates and I'm manages he signs cheering his rule. They outgoing -- drawn into focus associates comply with you made its financial fat I regulations. And limit their activity in the transfer market. -- -- not a saver setting posters that read I will be short on funds to treat it squads. The Busch east has -- what went on to show that they eighteen million pounds of Chelsea -- -- that he could hit the seats at Davidson Bonnie. However that's still well short meeting and -- -- -- -- 53 million pound release close. House early indication. That streak Galaxy the Oden -- promotes.

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