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A return to France could be on the cards for Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, if David Moyes brings Leighton Baines with him from Everton.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ever since the frogs could be on the balls -- watched -- like that that -- ever if they could always brings Leighton -- with him prohibited. Everest in the final year of his contract is ultra fit that is thought to be considering a -- since his former club to a -- -- And spending big. One a couple ready made the headlines that. In town captured Colombian striker right -- -- how adept at making tends to join him claim not to pit the champions league. -- Mean longevity to interact slower is to be playing hard to get. The nineteen year old -- commit field it's reported to or reject the chance to -- -- around the trade -- -- to city. But the deal -- sitting around sixty million year is set to be an alpha. Instead though he seems content to state puts in Yeltsin -- and having recently extended his contract until 28 to eighteen. Boston and -- thought that'd be it continues to be linked with a move away from Spain but I'm really excites me chase. The 31 year old with Spain Brazil preparing the -- of the confederations cup basic needs to make a mob. The Spurs boss or as -- asked us his thoughts on posits -- that twelve million pound asking price. Another switch from Spain to England could be in store for Real Madrid defender Pepe. You Manchester City manager Manuel pedigree any. Apparently sees Pepe has the ideal sense back Honda the club captain Vincent company and he is prepared to play up to twenty million pounds. And finally hostile might not -- -- the tee boxes on any goal -- The Premier -- side at least be -- under and Brazil's Julio Cesar from fellow London clubs queens park Rangers. As the most CBO attitude towards -- Chesney and Lucas -- skate.

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