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Current Video:Manchester United's Baines bid rejected|

Former Everton manager David Moyes is making Leighton Baines one of his top priorities this summer. Get the latest news on Manchester United's latest bid.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

An initial bid was great -- days and they don't want to sound him at any price but Anderson's them stones that Leighton -- They -- keep that -- -- from the clutches of Manchester United's. You go to Ball State it always will continue in his quest to do that it's -- -- and they've received 22 most remarkable development to this pomp. Things excelled under the -- in the sixties together at -- both parties wants team again not an elite champions. What's more defender at the bowl chances than any other player in the whole of Europe season. Which is why you want to look at but that's Hafiz Kiffin possibly improved offer having seen its twelve million pound approach will take on the state. The even its national hot said he was looking forward to looking in the humanitarian that's a mountainous but a high profile speaks to you -- to make free ticket to resist. That's -- tickets checked us like his habit for next season. Baines is far from boys and expose the target they've lost latest younger options are at on the verge of completing a fifteen million -- -- them. Beat a league champions voted at best despite the -- just to stay there reports suggest just buy it as a spot cents and first team football in England.

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