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Current Video:Jimmy Martin getting Everton ready|

Everton kit manager Jimmy Martin has 7 weeks to get everything in line for the season opener.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's been Edison Kitna for 23 years box -- mom can still get excited about the arrival of the clubs and strip. But it's not just the shots and shorts which Neitzel tonight. Seven weeks to kick off -- penitence hit squad who already doing books to books. -- had a pre season trips to Austria and America. Checking -- is the priority. 400 books of moving him just being delivered to the club's training ground. Ankle -- with the Celtics. Slips. T -- what's ultimately went to coach you go the distance to travel and attractions for traveling. Children to go to Miami -- gonna get in Miami so he's gonna go to that some Francisco's gonna -- And then the rest to be taken by an old overnight. After we finished San Francisco down to that they could have been a game in LA we try taken off pit so we don't have anybody Washington for us. Because we like watching ourselves because -- some different emotion and a committee came on different colors. A little lower local lands and eventually it'll duplicate -- And you can -- -- towels and cement fourth hole and thousands donated to each and I. And and then next tank and -- -- don't bonus Faulk tells us every single player from every member of the staff. Jimmy the premier league's longest serving Kit Bond and has seen more major changes in the -- room. Definitely these -- from putting him on the side concern you. For the fact he's been social do anything when he goes left trainer in the presidents ago. Well he's got all around. He's got -- only Asia well I'm column I'll run more than one point 34 for success and he's gonna lose and -- wanted a big music fan bases and yeah. But to use all the -- that naive Goosen and NB. He's sometimes you know where you can definitely and Jimmy is also in Cilic of the Chicago sports and of course the Bulls this side is all thirstein. As consistent as a team and to -- it through goalkeepers. It -- the new kids that everyone wants to see -- that is who don't have who rules won't you want them to long sleeve can't. That with the players and new manager -- too much and is due back next week there's so let's have been confirming and it's in its first one of the season. All kids who were present and correct. Think it's Davidson sky sports.

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